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Change DNS on AT&T Routers

Unfortunately, due to the firmware restrictions that AT&T has placed on UVERSE-enabled devices, it is not possible to change the DNS settings on these devices. This is a limitation due to ATT and unfortunately cannot be changed.

If you would like to use our services on a UVERSE-enabled connection then please configure your computers individually or configure a router that connects your UVERSE device and computers.

To utilize another router connected to a UVerse router without experiencing potential service issues, the UVerse router may need additional configuration. There are two great guides to help you get the configuration correct:

Configuring your 2WIRE UVerse modem for use with another router

Configuring your Motorola UVerse modem for use with another router

Alternatively, you might choose to leverage DNS Over HTTPS (DOH)DNS over TLS (DOT), or DNSCrypt (Guide to configure Simple DNSCrypt) to bypass your network limitations.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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