Proud To Be A Friendly
WIFI Approved Partner

We are partnered with Friendly WiFi to bring safe browsing experiences to WiFi service providers around the world.

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Friendly WiFi is a UK government-initiated safe certification standard for public Wi-Fi. It helps users make an informed decision about where to get online. The Friendly WiFi symbol is easily recognised, telling users where public Wi-Fi can be safely used.

In partnership with Friendly WiFi, we provide WiFi service providers with best-in-class content filtering services via our DNS resolvers. WiFi Service providers are able to quickly integrate our service into their existing WiFi platform, seamlessly supporting venues, retailers and transportation hubs around the world.

We enable safe browsing experiences by blocking internet access to online porn, malicious and obscene content. This includes the latest blocklists for CSAM and terrorism.

Why are we Friendly WiFi Certified?

By age 11, 90% of UK children have their own mobile. Ownership is “almost universal” at secondary school (source: Childwise, 2020). We want to protect the vulnerable. Our certification is proof that we offer a way for our customers to keep their users safe online.