How CleanBrowsing Compares to WebTitan

At face value, WebTitan and CleanBrowsing are similar in the markets we serve and how we function.

By design, we both fall into the Content Filtering, DNS filtering, Internet filtering domain. We both service this market by leveraging the Domain Name System (DNS) to categorize and empower network administrators to apply filters to their respective networks.

Our networks, however, are different. At CleanBrowsing we leverage an Anycast network topology, while WebTitan leverages a Unicast network topology. This translates to poor global coverage and performance.

Our categorization technology leverages a supervised machine learning engine, but it differs in that we leverage a crowd-sourcing platform that integrates community feedback to keep our categories accurate and effective. We keep ourselves honest by making it publicly available at:

Yes, it includes real-time scanning and network propagation as well. We won't boast about "modern User Interfaces" because all solutions, WebTitan included, offer modern UI's and its appeal will be dependent on you.

CleanBrowsing Offers Free Filters

For those unable to purchase a subscription, CleanBrowsing does offer a free forever filtering service that can be deployed on any device that uses DNS. It is a fast, privacy-first, network that is designed to help parents and institutions create safe browsing experiences for kids and families.

No signup required. No credit card required. No tracking on our end.

How CleanBrowsing Compares to WebTitan


The biggest difference you will find when comparing our services is how we approach our pricing.

At WebTitan, the pricing is based on users. Here at CleanBrowsing it is based on devices. This manifests itself in different ways.

For example, a user that subscribes to the WebTitan Annual plan has a $1.58 / month cost per user. For 25 users, this translates to $532.13 / year.

At CleanBrowsing, a user can purchase the Basic plan for 25 devices at $59.99 / year.

** We were not able to compare features as WebTitan hides the features you get with each plan.

Packaging / Pricing

Perhaps the biggest differentiation, second only to our pricing, is how we package our service.

Unlike WebTitan, we don't hide our features. We are open, transparent, about what you get with each plan. This means we don't bait and switch, upselling unnecessarily or hiding key features.



  • Devices: 25
  • Network: Anycast
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Web Titan


  • Users (Devices): 25
  • Network: Unicast
8.8x More Expensive

Are you a Managed Service Provider?

Responsible for managing networks for your customers? The CleanBrowsing partner program might be what you're looking for. Offers the same benefits as the plans above, but includes a centralized management console.

*Starts at $75 / year for 10 customer accounts