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Getting Started

Activating CleanBrowsing is actually pretty simple. It's three small steps and only takes 5 minutes.

We do our work via DNS, so you have to switch your DNS servers to go through our Network instead of the one provided by your ISP.

And you get all you would expect: Safe browsing experience - across all devices; No porn and no surprises for your kids and you; Youtube, Google and Bing forced to SafeMode.

Enough talk. Let's go through the steps and get you setup.

Step 1

Choose your device(s)

Choose the device(s) you want to be protected and locate the settings area where the DNS servers are configured (also known as Name servers). It is generally under Network, Connection or wifi settings.

In case you need more details, we have step-by-step guides for the following devices:
Mac, Linux, Phone, iPad, Windows, Android

Step 2

Change the DNS settings

Inside the DNS (or Network) settings, change the DNS server to the value: (or

If you need to support IPv6 or a less agressive filter for adults, check out this page for all the options.

Step 3


That's actually it. If you want to get your whole house protected, you can configure your home router to use the same DNS server provided on step #2.

If you have any questions, send us an email to cleanbrowsing-help@noc.org - and we will answer.



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DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

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