DNS Filtering for
Wi-Fi Service Providers

CleanBrowsing is the most extensible and affordable DNS filtering solution for Wi-Fi service providers. No hidden fees.

CleanBrowsing Advantages
  • Unlimited AP's
  • Unlimited IP's
  • Multi-Year Price Lock-in's
  • Easily Replace Incumbent Services
Trusted by 100's of Wi-Fi Service Providers Around the World

DNS Filtering for Wi-Fi Service Providers
Most affordable DNS Filtering solution for Wi-Fi Service providers.



  • 150 M / Requests / Month



  • 300 M / Requests / Month



  • 600 M / Requests / Month

Need More?


  • > 1 B / Requests / Month

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CleanBrowsing is a DNS Filtering technology that creates safe browsing experiences on your network.

CleanBrowsing Features Include
but not limited too...


We support the latest developments in encrypted DNS, offering DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH), DNS-over-TLS (DOT), and DNSCrypt Options by default.

Predefined Filters

Enjoy over 19 predefined filters to quickly filter entire categories (e.g., Pornography, Partial-Nudity, Malicious, Mixed Content, etc...)

Custom Allow / Block

Easily add custom domains to the custom "allow" or "block' lists to create custom rules on your network.


Group devices and apply filtering rules according to that groups specific needs (e.g., Teachers vs Students).

Data Retention

Choose how long to store your logs. Options include extreme configurations that include "no-logs" to storage as long as 90 days.

Activity Monitoring

A modern, simplified, dashboard experience allows you to quickly see, and parse, daily activity to see what is happening on the network.

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