Privacy and Terms of Service

Data that does not exist can not be stolen or shared.


Data that does not exist can not be stolen, shared or sold. Your privacy comes first.

We do not log your requests, we do not log your IP addresses or what you are doing. This is our promise to anyone using our service.

As security professionals, we do not want to see our DNS data misused and that was one of the reasons we started this project: Strong filters, fast DNS and privacy first.

Terms of Service

We offer this service for free to everyone: Kids, families, schools and even businesses.

If you love what we are doing and want to help, let us know. If you need a custom solution, with custom filters, we can offer at a small cost to help us maintain the service.


Child Proofing your iPhone or iPad

How to Block Pornography on any device

Configuring DNS Views

DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

Child Proofing your Android (to come)

Child Proofing Chrome Book (to come)

Safe Internet at Schools (to come)

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