Protective DNS
(DNS Firewall)

Servicing: Organizations focused on the security of their network.

The CleanBrowsing DNS Firewall is the most effective solution for mitigating threats on your network. Protection against phishing and malware, with optional filters to block access to adult content, proxies, gambling, torrent and many other categories. Take control of your networks security.

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How Protective DNS Works (DNS Firewall)

CleanBrowsing is a DNS-based Firewall. Leveraging the Domain Name System (DNS) CleanBrowsing is able to identify and intercept malicious requests leaving your environment.

Our Protective DNS (PDNS) solutions integrates multiple threat feeds in conjunction with our own global network to asses various forms of malicious domains to include: malware, phishing attacks, viruses, malicious domains, and Command & Control (C&C) communication.

When malicious queries are encountered, the requests are stopped at the edge protecting your network from the response.

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RPZ Feed Available

CleanBrowsing offers RPZ feeds (blocklist of malicious domains) that can be incorporated by your security tools automatically.

Our list of malicious (and phishing) domains are considered one of the best in the market and is updated every 3 hours. We are specially good at filtering phishing, malware and malicious domains used by web exploit attacks.

If you are not familiar with RPZ, you can read more about it here: Intro to RPZ - Response Policy Zones

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