A safe browsing experience

What are we about?

CleanBrowsing uses the best of the web to filter improper domains and help optimize your network.

CleanBrowsing is a DNS-based parental control and SafeMode enforcement specially designed to be used on devices of kids under 13. Quite a few people use it on their whole home network, but the goal is to prevent kids from visiting adult & pornographic content.

It also blocks access to explicit content, graphic material and anything kids should not be seeing. However, we still want kids to browse online and experience the web as a whole. So Google works (we enforce Strict Mode), Youtube works (we enforce Kids mode), Bing works (Strict Mode) and all normal sites that you expect your kids to visit are there.

Step by step instructions on how to activate it are available on our Getting Started page.


We tried something different

About us

This project was started by a group of concerned parents that were unable to find a good solution to protect their kids online. Some solutions work partially, but requires additional tools to be installed, are not efficient and had a high number of false negatives.
Other solutions were too agressive and fully blocked Google, Youtube and other sites that break the web experience for our kids. We tried something different and we were able to achieve a clean browsing experience, while maintaining a strong balance and enforcing the safe mode on the sites that offer this option automatically (Google and Youtube are good examples).

Our Network

Our DNS anycast network is highly optmized and with presence on all major parts of the globe: USA, South America, Asia and Europe. That gives you a resilient, fast and secure DNS provider that won't go down and will help make all your sites that you visit a bit faster.

DNS Resolvers

Our DNS resolvers are built on top of the powerful open source Bind project, with some custom patches and modifications to allow us to dynamically filter improper domains without affecting our performance or security.


Child Proofing your iPhone or iPad

How to Block Pornography on any device

Configuring DNS Views

DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

Child Proofing your Android (to come)

Child Proofing Chrome Book (to come)

Safe Internet at Schools (to come)

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