Affordable DNS Filtering.

CleanBrowsing is a content filtering platform. We block access to online porn and malicious sites.

DNS Content Filtering

CleanBrowsing is a content filtering service that blocks access to porn and obscene content on networks. Helps conform to regulatory guidelines for online safety for kids (e.g., CIPA).

CleanBrowsing lets you:

  • Block Porn and Obscene content online;

  • Block Phishing and Malicious websites;

  • Create Parental Controls in your home;

  • Helps schools with CIPA compliance;

  • Configure on Routers and Devices;

  • Deploy in less than 5 minutes

Starting as low as $59.99 / year

Billion Requests / Day

Demonstrates the scale of our operation and our network ability to support your needs.

Million Devices Supported

Millions of devices currently  use our services to control the type of content they see.

Data Centers

The size of our network ensures optimal global coverage, availability and performance.

CleanBrowsing is a Content Filtering Service.

With CleanBrowsing, you can clearly define what should, and should not, be allowed on the network.


This service allows you to block access to online pornography, obscene content, gambling, social media, and a number of other categories.

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CleanBrowsing Features Include

but not limited too...


We support the latest developments in encrypted DNS, offering DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH), DNS-over-TLS (DOT), and DNSCrypt Options by default. 

Predefined Filters

Enjoy over 19 predefined filters to quickly filter entire categories (e.g., Pornography, Partial-Nudity, Malicious, Mixed Content, etc...)

Custom Allow / Block

Easily add custom domains to the custom "allow" or "block' lists to create custom rules on your network. 


Group devices and apply filtering rules according to that groups specific needs (e.g., Teachers vs Students).

Data Retention

Choose how long to store your logs. Options include extreme configurations that include "no-logs" to storage as long as 90 days. 


A modern, simplified, dashboard experience allows you to quickly see, and parse, daily activity to see what is happening on the network.

CIPA Compliance for Schools

Schools have a special responsibility to ensure family friendly environment on their networks.  CleanBrowsing helps schools conform with jurisdictional regulations that require pornographic and obscene content is blocked on school networks.

  1. Supports remote fleet of devices;
  2. Integration with MDM platforms;
  3. Centralized management of multiple locations;
  4. CIPA, Guidance by UK Safer Internet Center;

Used as a Parental Control

Built by technical parents, CleanBrowsing is a great tool that can be used as an effective control for creating a safe browsing experience at home


  1. Unique profiles for multiple groups;
  2. Custom Allow / Blocklists;
  3. Advanced customizations;

CleanBrowsing Offers Free Filters

For those unable to purchase a subscription, CleanBrowsing does offer a free forever filtering service that can be deployed on any device that uses DNS. It is a fast, privacy-first, network that is designed to help parents and institutions create safe browsing experiences for kids and families.


No signup required. No credit card required. No tracking on our end. 

Apps Available for Common Devices

Software Not Required

Built on DNS, the service can be configured via a devices normal network settings or on the network gateway. Apps are available to streamline device deployments.

Cloud Service

CleanBrowsing does not require hardware to be deployed Inline. It is a DNS-based service built on a global anycast network that ensure availability and reliability around the world.

Clean Browsing

Built by parents, CleanBrowsing places special emphasis on providing clean browsing experiences for kids. This ensures "Safe Search" options are configured when available (e.g., Google)

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