A DNS Filtering Platform

CleanBrowsing blocks online porn, malicious and obscene content. We create safe browsing experiences.

Pricing Starts at $75 / year

CleanBrowsing is a DNS Filtering technology that creates safe browsing experiences on your network.

What is DNS Filtering?

Performance and Scale of Operations
A platform your organization can depend on to ensure optimal DNS performance around the world.


Billion Requests / Month

Demonstrates the scale of our operation and our network ability to support your needs.


Million Devices Supported

Millions of devices currently use our services to control the type of content they see.


Data Centers

The size of our network ensures optimal global coverage, availability and performance.

Why Choose CleanBrowsing
Threat protection and content filtering should be easy. CleanBrowsing makes it simple to deploy an enterprise content filtering solution at an affordable price. You can be up and running in minutes, without any contracts or commitments.

DNS Security

Description: The CleanBrowsing DNS Filter provides a network level security control that provides a firewall against malicious activity.

Things the security layer protects agains:
  • Web-based malware
  • C&C Communication
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Botnets
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Block Online Porn

Description: The CleanBrowsing DNS Filter is the leading provider for a cleaner web experience, focused on combating the proliferation of online porn.

CleanBrowsing helps stop online porn by:
  • Blocking known adult sites (e.g., pornhub)
  • Blocking obscene sites (e.g., fetishes)
  • Enforcing Safe Search where available
  • Enforcing Moderation on Video and Image Platforms
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Content Filtering

Description: The CleanBrowsing DNS Filter allows an organization to create a network content filtering policy that conforms with their internet acceptable use policy.

With CleanBrowsing, organizations can:
  • Tackle loss productivity;
  • Block malicious activity;
  • Disable access to social networks;
  • Control the type of content allowed on their network
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Technical Advantages

Description: The CleanBrowsing DNS Filter platform is a global network designed to ensure reliability and optimal performance (i.e., low latency).

CleanBrowsing offers:
  • Anycast network configuration
  • Multiple profiles with unique DNS IPv4 pairs (option for static)
  • Support for encrypted DNS technologies (DOH, DOT, DNSCrypt)
  • 21 predefined filtering categories
  • 20 predefined platforms
  • Easily block and allow domains

The CleanBrowsing DNS Filter Includes


We support the latest developments in encrypted DNS, offering DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH), DNS-over-TLS (DOT), and DNSCrypt Options by default.

Predefined Filters

Enjoy over 19 predefined filters to quickly filter entire categories (e.g., Pornography, Partial-Nudity, Malicious, Mixed Content, etc...)

Custom Allow / Block

Easily add custom domains to the custom "allow" or "block' lists to create custom rules on your network.


Group devices and apply filtering rules according to that groups specific needs (e.g., Teachers vs Students).

Data Retention

Choose how long to store your logs. Options include extreme configurations that include "no-logs" to storage as long as 90 days.

Activity Monitoring

A modern, simplified, dashboard experience allows you to quickly see, and parse, daily activity to see what is happening on the network.

Have a question?

Whether it is a sales, or a support question, the best way to get a hold of us is via email.

Who uses CleanBrowsing?
The CleanBrowsing DNS filtering platform is used by organizations for their content filteringneeds.


Schools leverage the platform to be CIPA compliance and keep kids safe online.

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Used as a tool to protect public and private networks and defined online usage rules.

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Used as a parental control tool to keep kids safe online.

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