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Servicing: Managed Service Providers | Resellers

MSP's and Resellers can leverage the CleanBrowsing platform to service their own customers from one centralized account. Partners own the relationship with their customer, and we service the partner directly.

The Partner Program


The CleanBrowsing partner program provides you with a low-friction relationship that can be used to service your customers. The platform experience is simplified to enable easy management of customer accounts.


  1. Per Account: $10 / Month / customer account

Centralized Management

As a partner, your organization is able to easily manage customer accounts via one centralized management console. Via this console, the partner is able to see total utilization for a customer, then log into the customers account directly for further configuration needs.

Have a question?

Whether it is a sales, or a support question, the best way to get a hold of us is via email.

How the Trial Works

All trial requests must start with an email to From there, you will be asked a series of questions to understand your organization and the type of clients you support.

  • The trial account is fully functioning;
  • Trials 1 sub account for testing;
  • The management console will provide you an easy mechanism to quickly access sub accounts.
  • All sub accounts contain the same capability, including the ability to create profiles.

How Pricing Works

  • Minimum requirement of $20 / month / sub account.
  • Cost for every Million DNS requests per month.
  • Annual commitment required.
  • PO's on annual payments supported.