Porn-free Internet for Adults

CleanBrowsing started as a Safe Browsing solution for Kids. However, it can also be used for adults trying to avoid porn at work and home.

Clean Experience

If you are trying to avoid pornographic content, the web can be quite challenging. Porn is everywhere and will show up even when you are not looking for it. We built CleanBrowsing to protect kids from porn and explicit content, but parents were also asking for a solution that they could use it themselves.

We heard you and we also built CleanBrowsing for Adults. It is an adjusted CleanBrowsing solution that blocks all porn sites, while still allowing the rest of the web to work properly.

Why CleanBrowsing?

CleanBrowsing for Adults will block access to porn, porn ads and malicious domains. The main differentiator from other solutions is that we will also enforce Strict and Safe mode on Google, Bing, Youtube and other core services, allowing you to visit them without safely.

Compared to our solution for kids, we are less agressive and we will allow sites with dual content (like Reddit) to work properly. Try it out and see for yourself.

To get started with CleanBrowsing for Adults, go to your computer (or iphone/ipad/android) settings and change the DNS server on them to point to (or You can also change the DNS server on your router to cover your whole house. It really just takes 5 minutes.

Step by step instructions are available on our Getting Started page - but you have to use185.228.168.10 (or instead of the IP Address provided in the for-kids solution.


Child Proofing your iPhone or iPad

How to Block Pornography on any device

Configuring DNS Views

DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

Child Proofing your Android (to come)

Child Proofing Chrome Book (to come)

Safe Internet at Schools (to come)

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