CleanBrowsing Extended Pricing

Being a larger organization doesn't mean you should pay ridiculous prices.

Pro 250

$ 330 / year
  • Up to 250 devices or 1.25M requests / day
  • User Management
  • API Access

Pro 500

$ 440 / year
  • Up to 500 devices or 2.5M requests / day
  • User Management
  • API Access

Pro 1000

$ 550 / year
  • Up to 1,000 devices or 5M requests / day
  • User Management
  • API Access

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Need coverage for more than 1,000 devices?

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Apps Available for Common Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get about our service.

CleanBrowsing Offers Free Filters

For those unable to purchase a subscription, CleanBrowsing does offer a free forever filtering service that can be deployed on any device that uses DNS. It is a fast, privacy-first, network that is designed to help parents and institutions create safe browsing experiences for kids and families.


No signup required. No credit card required. No tracking on our end. 

Features Included in All Plans

19+ Pre-Defined Filters

All paid plans offer 14 predefined filters (e.g., Gambling, Torrents, Search Engines, etc..) These predefined filters allow you to quickly block categories of sites blocks to occur based on based on your unique preference.


  1. Easily Toggle between predefined filters
  2. 19 Total Predefined Filters
  3. Fast network propagation

Custom Blocks and Allows

There may be instances where you want to create custom rules that don't fit within the predefined filters provided, that's where the advanced customization comes into play. Features include:

  1. Custom Allow Domains
  2. Custom Block Domains
  3. Block TLDs
  4. Block all Internet Access

Activity Logging & Visibility

The logging feature allows you to see what is happening on the network. You can see what domains are being blocked, and what filters and rules are being triggered. 

  1. Search Capability
  2. Filter by profiles
  3. Search by day

Group Devices with Profiles

One of the key features of the paid plans is the ability to create groups of users. Each group can have their own unique rules via the Profiles feature. This can be used to segment rules for Adults (e.g., Allow Social Domains) vs Kids (e.g., Disallow Social Domains), or to be used in an organization to conform to existing group / user policies.

  1. Basic: 3 Profiles
  2. Pro 50: 5 Profiles
  3. Pro 100: 10 Profiles

Features Included in Extended Plans

Developer API Access

 Our API gives you full control of the system, allowing you to dynamically updated filters, create rules and otherwise control your network rules as required by your organization.


  1. Access to bypass dashboard
  2. Leverages CRUD operations
  3. Integrate into custom platform



User Management

This feature allows you to add / remove users to your existing CleanBrowsing account. It introduces four key roles that allow you to differentiate between key functions like editing, read-only and billing.


  1. Role-based user accounts;
  2. Introduces Billing and Read only modes;
  3. Unlimited number of users;