New CleanBrowsing Apps Released

We are constantly reminded that what we think is “easy” isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, and we take that for granted. In an effort to improve that thinking, we have devoted a majority of the first quarter to updating the apps for key platforms in an effort to improve your experience.

Tech talk: CleanBrowsing is a DNS-based filter that allows you to create an internet experience that best conforms with your beliefs and rules. Technically, it does not require software to be installed. It can also be installed at your router to cover the entire network. It can be enabled on any device that allows DNS to be configured.

Summary of Apps Updated

Here is what you can expect with each update:

Windows* Rebuilt the app;
* Fixed numerous bugs, including the load issue post-installation;
* Introduced new “password” setting;
* Leverages Encrypted DNS (DOH);
* Available Direct Download
MacOS* Rebuilt the app;
* Fixed numerous bugs, including the uninstall issue;
* Addressed instability issues with networks;
* Leverages Encrypted DNS (DOH);
* Removes the need to track public IPs;
* Available in App Store
Android* Rebuilt the app;
* Introduced new password option;
* Introduced Encrypted DNS (DOH);
* Available in Play Store;
iOS* Continuous bug fixes;

Another important update to the apps is that they all now use a simplified key to enable the custom filter (paid accounts). That key is found in the settings page of every account dashboard.

If you use the app on devices we encourage you to visit the different pages to update your device appropriately.