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21+ CleanBrowsing Predefined Filters

If you use the Free service you have three pre-defined filters: Security, Adult and Family. Details are available on this page.

As a paying customer you have 20 predefined filters at your disposal when securing your network.

Adult & PornographyThis filter blocks access to adult and pornographic content. It includes Escort sites, pornhub and similar domains. It also enforces Safe Browsing on Google and Bing.
Adult Mixed ContentThis filter blocks access to sites that allow pornographic content, while they may also be used for non-adult activities. It includes domains like reddit and some image sharing domains.
Ads & TrackingThis filter block access to Ads and tracking products. It includes Google Ads, Mixpanel and other ad-based products.
TorrentsThis filter blocks access to Torrent sites. It includes The Pirate Bay.
P2P & File SharingThis filter blocks access to P2P and File sharing domains. They are often misused to share illegal and pirated content.
Proxy & VPNsThis filter blocks access to Proxies and VPN products. They are often used to bypass filters.
GamblingThis filter blocks access to online gambling sites.
DatingThis filter block access to dating sites.
Search EngineThis filter blocks access to search engines that we can’t enforce Safe Search. It will block every search engine other than Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Yandex.
WeaponsThis filter blocks access to websites that sell or promote weapons, such as guns, knives, etc.
MaliciousThis filter blocks access to malicious and blacklisted domains. We higly recommend keeping it enabled as it helps to prevent attack against your computer and network.
GamingThis filter blocks access to online gaming sites.
Social NetworkThis filter blocks access to social networks. It includes Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
Online RadioThis filter blocks access to online Radios and Music Streaming sites. It includes Spotify and Pandora.
Video StreamingBETA: This filter block access to Video Streaming web sites (Netflix, Hulu, etc).
DrugsBETA: This filter block access to Smoking, CBD, Cannabis and other Drug-related web sites.
AlcoholBETA: This filter block access to Beer, Wine and other alcohol-related web sites.
LingerieBETA: This filter block access to Lingerie web sites. Ex: Victoria Secret.
Hate SpeechBETA: This filter block access to web sites classified as hate speech by the UK’s CTIRU (Counter-terrorism Unit). It mostly focused on sites inciting terror activities or death.
Academic FraudBETA: This filter block access to sites selling academic fraud services (do my essay or do my homework).
Updated on November 17, 2022
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