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How to Monitor DNS Activity

One of the core features of the CleanBrowsing paid service is the ability to monitor DNS activity on your network.

We offer a collective view via the main Dashboard and logs of all DNS traffic in the Activity Monitoring page.


Every log in will land on the main Dashboard by default. This dashboard will present a series of cards showing different data:

  • DNS Requests per Hour
  • DNS Requests per Day
  • DNS Request Types
  • Blocks Per Category
  • Top Clients
  • Top Block Domains
  • Top Allowed Domains

This view is meant to give you a quick overview of what is happening on your network.

Activity Monitoring

Every account has the ability to dig deeper into the data via the Activity Monitoring page. This page aggregates all the logs for a specific network and presents it in a simple table view.

A user is able to easily parse the logs by using the Search & Filters feature. This view is restricted to showing logs on a daily basis, but offers the ability to easily choose which day to analyze.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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