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How to Create Block Pages with CleanBrowsing

CleanBrowsing allows paid users to create their own custom block pages.

By default all blocks will get the NXDOMAIN block, which will show that a domain is inaccessible. This, however, is not always as intuitive as customers might want. To help enhance this experience, we’ve provided every user the ability to customize the block page.

The specific features you have will be dependent on the plan you have. By default, all users will be able to use the NXDOMAIN block and CleanBrowsing block page.

Advanced options allow the user to redirect the block pages to their preferred URL, redirect the IP or add their own custom page that modifies the various elements on the page.

There are four ways to apply a block page:

NXDOMAINThe browser will think the site does not exist
CleanBrowsing Block PageExample provided above.
IP RedirectionWe redirect the response to any IP address you control and you can customize the block response.
URL RedirectionWe redirect the block page to any URL you control.
Updated on November 17, 2022

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