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T-Mobile Home Internet CGNAT


If using the T-Mobile network you will not be able to use. DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH), you will be required to use DNS-over-TLS (DOT).

We have been trying to coordinate with the T-Mobile team, but they are unresponsive. They are actively blocking DOH-based services. This effects all our apps. Their block results in your internet being inaccessible when on the cellular network if the app is enabled.

All Free Services have a DOT option, and all paid customers get issued a DOT stamp to use. The Android app also uses DOT by default.

T-Mobile CG-NAT

You might also run into issues using traditional IPv4 configurations with T-Mobile Home Internet because of their network topology. T-Mobile Home Internet uses CGNAT  – which means end users share IP addresses.

CGNAT (Carrier-Grade NAT) is a type of network address translation (NAT) typically used by Internet service providers (ISPs). CGNAT allows multiple customers to share a single public IP address. This can help ISPs save money and resources, and it can also help reduce the number of IP addresses that need to be assigned to customers.

Updated on November 16, 2022

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