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Configure CleanBrowsing w/Mosyle

This article is specific to organizations that leverage the Mosyle Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage their Apple OS fleet (e.g., iPhone, iPad ). It will show you how you can solve your content filtering needs with Mosyle by leveraging the CleanBrowsing content filtering platform.

Note: This option is available to devices on iOS 14.

Encrypted DNS Configuration w/CleanBrowsing

The release of iOS 14 introduces a few new encryption options for DNS and DOT is one of those options.

Other options are available:

The configuration will be deployed via the DNS Filter option (Management > DNS Filter).

Step 1:
 Click on DNS Filter in the navigation menu

Step 2: Create New Profile

Step 3: Select the “TLS” type for DNS protocol, and fill in the custom URL we provide in your accounts page.

At the bottom of the settings page, assign it to your device, or user.

Step 4: Enable the new profile

If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team at support@cleanbrowsing.org.

If you are an MDM provider and want to ensure your customers can successfully deploy content filtering via your platform send us an email at partners@cleanbrowsing.org.

Chrome Management on MacOS

If you are deploying the DOH/DOT instance via Mosyle on managed devices you need to be aware of some limitations with Chrome management.

Mosyle is aware of this, but when you first deploy it won’t affect the Chrome browser (browser will ignore the DOT/DOH implementation). You can fix this by contacting Mosyle directly.

They have the ability to create a new profile that takes advantage of the Chrome Management policies they don’t have readily available in their interface.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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