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Configure CleanBrowsing w/JAMF Pro (DOH / DOT)

This article is specific to organizations that leverage the JAMF Pro Mobile Device Management (MDM) to manage their Apple OS fleet (e.g., iPhone, iPad ). It will show you how you can solve your content filtering needs with JAMF by leveraging the CleanBrowsing content filtering platform.

Note: This option is available to devices on iOS 14.

Encrypted DNS Configuration w/CleanBrowsing

The release of iOS 14 introduces a few new encryption options for DNS and DOH is one of those options.

In JAMF Pro you access the DNS properties by navigating to:

  1. Devices
  2. Configuration Profiles
  3. DNS Settings
  4. Add

On the DNS page you can toggle between two different encryption methods (DOH / DOT). We offer all our customers both options. Simply navigate to your dashboard and choose the appropriate stamp.

JAMF Pro also gives you the option to explicitly define the IPv4 / IPv6 values. We encourage organizations to populate these values as well.

Lastly, we encourage you to disable the users ability to modify these network settings.  This is only available in supervised mode, and you do that via the toggle on the same page:

That’s it, click save and it should create a new profile. If it’s a new profile, it will need to be named first and the system will prompt you for that. This is what it will look like when it’s done:

Now push to your fleet! 

Updated on November 17, 2022

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