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What is DNS-over-HTTPs (DOH)?

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a protocol designed to increase privacy and security while browsing the internet. Traditionally, when you type a website address into your browser, your device queries a DNS (Domain Name System) server to translate that address into an IP address. This process is typically unencrypted, which means your DNS queries can be intercepted or monitored by third parties.

With DNS over HTTPS (DoH), these DNS queries are encrypted and sent over HTTPS connections, the same protocol used to secure web traffic. This encryption helps protect your browsing activity from being intercepted or tampered with by ISPs (Internet Service Providers), governments, or malicious actors.

DNS over HTTPS also enhances privacy by preventing DNS servers from logging and tracking your browsing history. Overall, DNS over HTTPS aims to improve both the security and privacy of internet users. Learn more about Encrypted DNS.

CleanBrowsing supports DOH and issues unique DOH configurations in all free and paid accounts.

Configuring DOH on:

Updated on March 19, 2024

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