CleanBrowsing on your Android

Activating CleanBrowsing on your Android is pretty simple. Just follow these steps and in less than 5 minutes you will have a kid-safe phone for your kids and family to enjoy.

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Tech talk: CleanBrowsing is a DNS-based filter that prevents adult content from being loaded. It doesn't require any software instalation and can be easily enabled anywhere by switching your DNS servers to the ones we provide. On its basic form, all you have to do is switch your nameservers to - or follow the steps bellow.

Step 1

Go to Settings

Go to your Android Settings page. If you are using a Samsung, it will be under Apps->Settings.

Depending on your version, the Settings App might be on your home screen (the icon looks like a Wrench).

Step 2

Find your Wifi list

Find the Wifi entry and click on it. You should see the list of all your networks, with the one you are connected to at the top.

Note that if this device can connect to multiple Wifi networks, you will have to apply the same change on each one of them. But let's do the one you are connected to first.

Step 3

Go to Manage Network

Click and hold - long press - on your first Wifi network (the one you are connected to). Click on the "Manage Network" or "Modify Network" option that will show up.

Step 4

Change Wifi to Static

We are getting very close now. On some Android devices, you will need to click on Advanced (or show Advanced settings). To finis adjusting your DNS configuration, change the IP Settings from DHCP to Static.

Step 5

Change the DNS

Scroll down the list and you should see a place called DNS 1, DNS 2 or "DNS Servers" where you will be able to add our new DNS server pointing to (or You can copy and paste from here and add it in there.

Once (or is added, you can click on OK and then on Apply to save your settings.

Your work here is done! Hope it wasn't too difficult.


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