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How to disable YouTube on a Nintento Switch: Add a Custom CleanBrowsing DNS

If your kids are into gaming like ours, then you are undoubtedly familiar with Nintendo’s Switch gaming device.  Like all the other gaming devices, this system introduces an unfettered gateway to the web. Kids can easily access all forms of content, including YouTube. Some families prefer to disable YouTube on their kids devices, and with CleanBrowsing you can do that via the paid plans.

Note: You can limit what users can do on YouTube with our Family free filter. By default it sets YouTube to moderate. Moderate mode is the less strict mode, but blocks access to videos with possible violence, sexuality or adult content. It also blocks comments. Learn More

Disable Access to YouTube via DNS

The easiest way to block access to YouTube on your kids devices is via DNS. This section assumes you have not already created a unique profile in your account.

First, log into your account, and follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Profiles
  • Create a New Profile (e.g., kids)

After creating a profile you’ll see a new entry under Profiles (3), this binds your account to a new set of DNS IP’s. This is what you’re going to use in the Switch.

Specifically referring to this row:

Note: When you first create the profile the IP to the right of the DNS IP’s will be blank. If you want to see the traffic in your profile you need to bind your local IP to that DNS IP range.

To bind the IP to the DNS IP’s, navigate to Your Network in your dashboard.

Once on the Your Network page:

  • Set your profile to the one you created (e.g., Kids) (2)
  • Enter the IP, we show your by default (3)
  • Click Add the IP to the DNS (4)

Now you want to disable YouTube for any users coming from the IP you just created and that are using the DNS IP’s assigned to the Kid profile.

You make this configuration in the Custom Domains section.

Once on the Custom Domains page:

  • Set your profile (e.g., Kids) (2)
  • Click the dropdown, and select your option (e.g., Blocked)

Now any device that comes from the IP you selected, using the DNS IP for the Kids profile, will have YouTube blocked.

To apply DNS changes to a Nintendo device, please follow this guide.

Updated on November 16, 2022
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