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Domains to Allow for Disney Plus

The Disney + service makes use of different domains to perform it’s job. This means that depending on your configuration, you might experience issues streaming the service  if you don’t account for all the domains.

Disney +Video Streaming

Whitelisting Disney Plus

There are two ways to whitelist the Disney + application.

Option 1: Predefined Platform

All CleanBrowsing customers can use the Predefined Platforms to quickly allow Disney +


Option 2: Custom Allow List

All CleanBrowsing customers can use the Custom Allow feature to whitelist as many domains as they wish. Using this feature, you will want to whitelist the following domains:

  • disneyplus.com
  • bamgrid.com
  • bam.nr-data.net
  • cdn.registerdisney.go.com
  • cws.conviva.com
  • d9.flashtalking.com
  • disney-portal.my.onetrust.com
  • disneyplus.bn5x.net
  • js-agent.newrelic.com
  • disney-plus.net
  • dssott.com
  • adobedtm.com
  • starott.com
  • disneyplug.disney.co.jp
Updated on November 16, 2022

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