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Encrypted DNS – DNSCrypt Support

DNSCrypt support is available on all our services through port 8443. DNSCrypt encrypts and authenticates DNS traffic for privacy and security reasons. We offer a guide on how to configure CleanBrowsing with DNSCrypt.

Family Filter

Blocks access to all adult, pornographic and explicit sites. It also blocks proxy and VPN domains that are used to bypass the filters. Mixed content sites (like Reddit) are also blocked. Google, Bing and Youtube are set to the Safe Mode.

IPv4 address185.228.168.168:8443 and


IPv6 address[2a0d:2a00:1::]:8443 and [2a0d:2a00:2::]:8443


Adult Filter

Blocks access to all adult, pornographic and explicit sites. It does not block proxy or VPNs, nor mixed-content sites. Sites like Reddit are allowed. Google and Bing are set to the Safe Mode.

IPv4 address185.228.168.10:8443 and


IPv6 address[2a0d:2a00:1::1]:8443 and [2a0d:2a00:2::1]:8443

Updated on November 17, 2022

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