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Configure CleanBrowsing on MacOS BigSur + (w/ Mobile.Config)

With the release of BigSur, and iOS14, users are now able to leverage the latest in DNS protocols that leverage encryption (i.e., DNS-over-TLS, and DNS-over-HTTPS).

To help streamline the process all paid plans have a new option in the Network settings page:

This link can be shared with any Apple OS (i.e., iOS and MacOS). It will download a new “mobile config” file that will create what is known as a “profile” for your device.

Clicking the downloaded file will initiate the installation process on either Apple OS type.

Once installed, you can access the profile details on the devices system preferences:

Clicking the profiles option in system preferences will load all available profiles for the machine. If it’s not installed it will provide you an “install” option on this page:

Once installed, all traffic, on all interfaces, will now be using DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH). If you want to use DNS-over-TLS, you can create a new profile using this free tool (stamps are made available in your network settings page.

Common Questions:

1 – Which user should this profile be installed?

The profile should be installed on the user you want it to affect. If you have multiple users you’ll want to configure it accordingly in each users account.

2 – Do I need to set the local DNS settings in addition to this profile?

No, the profile will override the local DNS settings.

Updated on November 17, 2022

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