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Change DNS on a Apple Time Capsule (Airport Utility)

These instructions will show a user how to configure CleanBrowsing an Apple Time Capsule router, specifically using the Airport Utility on MacOS.

Step 1 – Open AirPort Utility

Click the search option in your navigation menu on the desktop and search for “Airport Utility

Click the capsule image. It will ask you to enter your password

After entering your password, you will see an option to edit. Click the Edit button.

Step 2 – Update DNS

Next, click on the Internet tab.

You will see that the DNS servers have two input boxes and all you have to do is add your DNS values. Below you see it set with the Free Adult filters, but you can also apply your paid filters.

Click Update

It will ask to reset the network, say ok and when it restarts you should be set.

Updated on November 17, 2022
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