Activating CleanBrowsing on your iPhone

Activating CleanBrowsing on your iPhone is pretty simple. Just follow these steps and in less than 5 minutes you will have a kid-safe iPhone for your kids and family to enjoy

Step 1: Go to Settings->Wifi

To change the DNS servers on your iPhone or iPad, you first have to go to the Settings page and find the Wifi option. In there, you will find a list of all your networks, where you should select the first one in the list (the active Wifi network).

Step 2: Choose Wifi Connection

Once you click on the Wifi connection, you will find multiple network settings, things like IP, subnet, Router, etc. Do not touch any of them and keep looking until you find one that is called DNS option.

Step 3: Change DNS

Once you find the DNS option, you can remove the current DNS servers configured and add in there. That's all you need to do to enable CleanBrowsing on your iPhone.