Safe Browsing for Kids under 13

CleanBrowsing is specially designed to provide a clean and safe web experience for kids under 13.

Kids under 13

Kids are spending more time on their tablets and computers than anywhere else nowadays. As parents, we can not watch them 24x7 and we can not expect them to make good decisions on what to visit online. Most of them won't be looking for unsafe content, but we can not take chances.

We built CleanBrowsing to solve this problem. The parental control settings on most devices (Apple, Android, OpenDNS and others) are either too restrict, where kids can't do anything, or too loose, where they can see improper content.

We built a balance where the kids can still go to Youtube, can still to go Google and can browse most content, but with safety. If they go to Youtube, for example, they will be forced under the Safe Strict Filter that can not be removed. On Google, the Safe Search will be forced and can not be removed. Any popup ad that might have explicit images will be blocked. That's the best of both worlds.


Families can also apply CleanBrowsing to the home router to protect the whole family, with minimum issues for adults. In fact, we have a lot of families using that across all their computers without affecting their day-to-day experience. Any adult that wishes to watch porn will have to manually change the DNS settings on his personal device in order to see it.

Try it out and see for yourself. Step by step instructions are available on our Getting Started page.


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DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

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