Safe Browsing for Schools k-12

CleanBrowsing is the perfect web filter for schools k-12.

Schools k-12

Kids are spending quite a bit of their school time on laptops, tablets and similar devices. At school, we can not allow them to visit unsafe content, porn and explicit images that can affect the school operations and cause issues with other students.

We built CleanBrowsing to solve this problem. A lot of schools are using CleanBrowsing as their DNS server to block access to explicit content and provide a fast and safe web experience to students.


CleanBrowsing will block access to porn, nudity, explicit or graphic content and malicious domains. It will also enforce Strict and Safe mode on Google, Bing, Youtube and other core services, allowing the students to visit those sites safely.

Try it out and see for yourself. Step by step instructions on how to activate it are available on our Getting Started page.


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Configuring DNS Views

DNSSEC validation included. DNSCrypt coming soon.

Child Proofing your Android (to come)

Child Proofing Chrome Book (to come)

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