Configure CleanBrowsing with Pi-Hole

Pi-Hole is a popular network-level application that allows users to control their local DNS. With this application, users are able to create DNS sinkholes and optionally configure their DHCP server. It's a fan favorite for controlling DNS and blocking advertisements and other tracking domains.


A common question we get is can users leverage Pi-Hole and CleanBrowsing. The answer is yes, CleanBrowsing should be thought of as complementary to the Pi-hole application.

Configure CleanBrowsing w/Pi-hole

Pi-Hole allows you to use third-party resolvers like CleanBrowsing. To access this option, navigate to Settings > DNS


On this page, you will choose new Upstream DNS Servers like the image shown below:


Notice that you set IPv4 and IPv6. In the image we show you how to configure IPv4, but you can enable IPv6 by selecting Custom 3 and Custom 4 respectively.


CleanBrowsing will automatically issue you a primary and secondary IP for both IPv4 and IPv6.


Additionally, if you are running DNS on a specific port locally (as shown in this image) you can define it in Pi-hole using the syntax shown in the image above (e.g., #5353).

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Verify Connection & Troubleshooting

After configuring your device or router you can verify your configuration by visiting DNS Leak Test and running the standard test.

We provide a more in depth guide on Verifying and Debugging Connections.

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