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Block Specific Domains

All plans allow custom blocks to be added to the account.

As a DNS-based solution, there are limitations to this blocking feature. This block can be used on all Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN), but is not effective against URL’s.

Example of what CAN be blocked:

  • cleanbrowsing.org
  • status.cleanbrowsing.org
  • docs.google.com
  • etc…

Example of what CANNOT be blocked:

  • cleanbrowsing.org/page1
  • yourrandomdomain.com/directory2/page1
  • domainsareawsome.net/something/reallycool.html?results=1
  • etc…

Custom Domain Blocks

Custom blocks can be added via the Custom Domains module in the dashboard.

Simply add the domain you want to block to the input box, and click Block Domain.

Guide Categories

Verify Connection & Troubleshooting

After configuring your device or router you can verify your configuration by visiting DNS Leak Test and running the standard test.

We provide a more in depth guide on Verifying and Debugging Connections.

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